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Everything started

Hey guys,we just started ! 2 founders 1 employee and an headquarter similar to an holiday apartment. Ixorateam was born. We develop solution for Retail and our first customer in Milan (Italy) give us money and specifics to develop a custom retail solution for him.

X3 1.0 - Retail management system 

After 2 years of hard work, nights and tons of cofee the father of the actual giant Enterprise solution for digital commerce X3 was born.

Customers grow

The company now has 6 employees (developers, analysts) in addition to 2 founders. Born the Internet division. So we must have a hardquarter worthy of our spirit. We buy a 200 square meter location near the downtown of Trento. It was beautiful.

Next milestone…

We made a strategic alliance with a company (Seac Spa) leader of software solutions in Italy interested in our platform and will be our main partner for the rest of our story.

X3 for Digital Commerce

The first release of X3 for Digital Commerce is ready. Now our off-line store's customers can use X3 to gain advantages of internet for sell more products on line.

Digital services

We have empowered a new division of digital services such photography, copywriting, mail editors so we make our customers much more happy

Another integrated service ... Ship24.it

The services of X3 for Digital Commerce grow with the introduction of a new innovative platform for shipping automation: Ship24.it


The last new in in the X3 for digital commerce ecosystem is Bowdoo.com, a marketplace for luxury fashion born from our experience in that Industry. Bowdoo.com help our customers drive more sales on their digital store.


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