Italian ecommerce grow rate: So much to do

Alessandro Dellanna

Nov. 16, 2017

Although the sales volume in Italy, coming from e-commerce continues to increase year by year, the distribution of this shopping channel does not support the comparison with other European nations. If in the United Kingdom the market share gained by e-commerce in 2016 is 38.5% (down 3 percentage points compared to 2015), Italy stands at a shy 4.2% (2016).

But what do most people buy online ?

  • travel and transport (18%);
  • clothing (18%);
  • technological products (14%);
  • household items (13%);
  • books and newspapers (13%);
  • movie music and tickets shows (11%);
  • telephony and insurance (5%).

If you want to deepen the analysis I recommend this article by Carlo Milano on sole24ore

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