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We provide an enterprise-ready integrated platform and services giving you
everything you need to manage online sales. Our goal are sales, your goal are revenues.

Why Digital Commerce ?


On line experts plan the best strategy to drive more sales on your website. 
We have a platform to manage the entire digital process: we build digital catalogues of your products from scratch and advertise them on best channels managing every step of digital commerce journey.

Digital catalog production

Content first. We build a digital version of your catalog and present them with an optimized, full featured digital store.

We analyze and organize you legacy data systems in a uniform and well-formed data feed containing information about products, brand, categories. This is the first entry point of the store's digitalization process. We can query data from existing RMS (Retail Management Systems) or all other non-structured form of data (CSV, Excel, Xml,Json). For our purpose we need a value in your catalog that uniquely identify a data item (Barcode, Ean13, Upc and so on) .

If you don't have any Retail management system, we provide an enterprise-ready , high class of software solution to automate your value chain process, from purchase operations to point of sales management.

We buid your photo catalog with an experienced and specialized team with all technical skills and technology to produce in a short time a big quantity of pictures of your products. We have automated photo-shooting stage intereacting with data feed that automatically scan the products barcode and associate with the right data feed product. High level of products details make them more attractive and increase the conversion rate of your digital store.

We have a lot of industry standard experienced guys describing the goods with high level of textual details driving more quality traffic on your digital store.

Experienced team of designers, tecnicians and UX analysts works together for coding the best industry compliant digital store. All know features required from your industry (fashion, food, accessories, ...) are built and optimized in your store so you can give to the user a flowing experience that can increase the conversion rate and make customers users.

Our experience in digital purchase come from tons of analytics data in users navigation strategy. We know critical factors in each phase of the user activity (inspiring, browsing, comparing, purchasing, returns, waiting purchased goods) and we make pro-active actions presenting the right informations to the user driving it on the correct funnel.

Digital catalog promotion

We choose the right form of promotion for your catalog and drive qualified traffic on each product boosting sales immediately. We constantly, take care of cost of sales during the promotion and change our strategy daily.

To accomplish our common goals (sales), we manage ADV and Display Campaign to attract new users. We choose the right strategy (PPC offer, Audience Target, Keywords, Products) to promote the right products to right targeted audience. We build monitoring tools to tune offers, ppc, target audience to ensure Cost of sales (cos) according to certain value. This is alway a working progress.

Price comparators, "vertical search engine" are used by the customers to filter, search and compare products by price, brand, availability. The master role of price comparator engine is drive targeted users directly on the merchant's website to finalize the purchase. We manage for each of theme the right file format and deploy the right version of the file to the remote platform. In this way we manage the entire process of data publication on multiple price comparison platform at the same time. 

Amazon marketplace is a big chance to grow sales quickly. The rules and policies for sellers are very strict especially for the stock level of products. Cancellation of orders due to lack of stock is tolerated up to 2% maximum. So we synchronize stock level of your products on each European Store (Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, France) connecting your products with the AWS Platform (Amazon Web Services) and downloading in real time the sales order generated in each store.

The high competition for your products against thousand of seller in each Amazon Store require to adjust dynamically your price to win the famous "Buy Box". Our platform adjust one time per second the prices of your products so you can win the competition against the other sellers. This is called repricing or dynamic pricing..

The creation process of Ebay catalog with description, photos, prices is a time consuming task expecially if your catalog contains variations (e.g. size and color) typical of Fashion industry. So we can do it for you in an automated way and in few minutes all your products are published in your Ebay Store. The stock level are synchronized constantly to avoid order cancelation or bad feedback from customers. Sales orders, customers, couriers, and shipment cost are downloaded automatically from Ebay directly to your platform so you can dispatch orders to final customers.

Alibaba.com is leading platform for global wholesale trade (B2B) and connect international buyers and sellers around the world. Such other marketplaces we connect and maintain your catalog publishing products,prices with rules through the Alibaba Open Platform, a set of Webservices designed for sellers to interact with the biggest ecommerce platform in the world.

Tmall.hk (also known as Taobao Mall - Alibaba Group) instead is oriented in B2C strategy giving to sellers the opportunity to connect with milions of chinese customers. The site accounts for a 47.6% share of the B2C online retail market in China.

Our platform and service are designed and implemented using the Alibaba Open platform technology synching your catalog with this channel.

Ecommerce process fully managed

Shipping phase in digital commerce is a critical part of the post sales process. You can gain the customer loyalty and increase returning customers. With our platform fully integrated in your digital commerce you can drive each order in a success story. 

You can use several Courier (ex: DHL, UPS, TNT, GLS, FedEx) in one place, one dashboard, unifying several shipping services in one place.

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The used payment system is a critical point for your customers. They need a clear interface, a secured gateway and a system to fully check what is wrong in fault transactions. In addition the payment interface must adapt to the resolution of the user device. Our integrated payment gateway give you all this features.

Each new customer or registrated user in our platform begin a new workflow of segmentation and automation used to our mail marketing engine to send audience compliant newsletter. We analyze user's behaviour, preferences and navigation's path to make dynamic cluster of customer to wich send targeted email messages. 

To grow CR (Conversion rate) you must adopt a preemptive strategy of product listing among category and brand published on your digital commerce. Recommend the right product to a user in the right context can increase dramatically the conversion rate. So with our platform and services we can integrate in your web store AI algorithms than can show to the users what they searching for at the right moment.

World wide shipping solutions for ecommerce

SHIP24 - World Wide Shipping platform for ecommerce

Save on shipping cost

Ship24 searches through over 50,000 shipping combinations the best shipping rate for your orders.

Monitor your world wide orders

Checks in real time where your orders are, shipped with various Couriers. Informs yours customers and gives them the best "after purchase" experience.  We provide a shipping monitor platform to understand the real states of your orders and manage them in one click.

Make Ship24 up-sell for you

Customer are very happy to receive notifications or update about placed orders. They open this messages 104% more than normal mail marketing messages. Our Mail Marketing platform integrated with Ship24 sends to customers, related products promotional messages at every order status change. 

Optimized Online Payments

Save on transactions fees

Our payment platform make you save about 30% of most popular payment gateway.

Sales growth

A clear and usefull user interface in the payment phase may increase up to 7% your conversion rate.


When customer understand immediately user interfaces they complete most frequently the checkout phase. So, for the same reason you can get more sales and customer trust your digital commerce.  

Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real

You can do anything you set your mind to, Billy. The sky's the limit.

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